Cardiff By The Sea Surf Lessons



Good Morning Surf Lessons San Diego! Yes, we saw our surf heros this weekend thanks to you guys taking us out a the lovely Cardiff Reef. Joel Tudor and Rob Machado out their surfing, we we’re so blown away to be in the water with those guys. We couldn’t of asked for a better time to learn to surf and watch two of our heros doing their thing. Keep up the great work and keep passing that good energy along the way! – Phil and Rick

Two Girls Learning To Surf



Hi their! Things have finally settled down here and the holidays are long gone. Here are two photos that I took of my daughters from their surfing lessons with you in San Diego. THANK YOU so much as they had an absolute blast. They both want to own their own surfboards but as you know there is no surf in Chicago so that’s a no. As you know we will be back out there this spring and have already booked with you for our second surf lesson. The weather here has been so cold and I am dying for sunny California. See you in April! – The Hamilton Family

The Basics Of Learning To Surf

The surf teacher taking his student out into waist deep water, no deeper no less. This is as far out as you will need to go when learning to surf. Here the teacher communicates with the student where they will wait for that perfect wave.

The teacher spots a wave coming (small) and ditches his own board that he is on making sure that his board is well out of the way of the student, himself and the wave. Student is centered on his board and being not to far up and not to far back. Teacher has a hold of the tail of the board in which is helping balance the student.

At the precise moment the teacher pushes the student into the wave. Notice how the student has both hands on the rail and is not paddling. When you have a teacher pushing you into waves, you do not have to paddle but just focus on riding the wave. By the teacher being in the surf with you, that is his job. He is pushing you onto the wave in which allows you not having to paddle so you have one less step to do.

Now the boy is on his own. The teacher did his part by getting you onto the wave and it’s all up to you from this part to try your best to get to your feet. Notice the boys hands are planted firmly on the rails and he is starting to push his upper body up.

The boy has now gotten to his feet, but his feet are in the wrong place. Notice how his feet are side by side where they need to be one in front of the other (like riding a skateboard).

Surfing lessons in Carlsbad is a great place to learn. There are many hotels to stay at in which you can learn to surf steps from your hotel.

Oceanside Surf Lessons

This morning the surf and weather was so perfect for surfing lessons. We we’re on the south side of the Oceanside Pier. The surf was around 3ft and was so great for anyone wanting to learn how to surf. Their is a pretty good west swell filling in today and peaking tomorrow.

Up and riding on one of the bigger waves of the day

All shakas for this fellow

This girl surfing would not be considered a beginner. She knows how to paddle out into the surf by herself as well as catch the waves. The one problem many people do when surfing is to try to get to their feet even before they have caught the wave. Always remember to make sure the wave is pushing you first then stand up. This is a very common thing everyone does.

I’m falling, what do I do now. Never panic when your falling off of a wave. Most likely when you fall the water is shallow enough where you can touch. Notice how this girl is falling away from her board and this is excellent. When falling you want to make sure to try to push the board away at the last second the opposite direction you are falling. Again this is a more advanced tactical procedure, but with time anyone can learn.

Remember not every ride is going to be a good one, but when you finally got that great wave after trying over and over you will feel the stoke of the ocean and why everyone wants to learn how to surf

Braving The Cold

The water is freezing, but this girl was such a die hard to learn how to surf.  She is wearing a very thick wetsuit in which is much needed in these winter months.


“Thank you so much for the surfing lessons today.  It was sooo cold, but I did not care!  I loved my lessons!  I am so pleased you had such a thick wetsuit on hand for me to wear as your team is very professional and I will be sure to suggest you to my family and friends.” – Abby

I Want To Buy My Own Surfboard

If your a beginner surfer and want to buy a surfboard for yourself be sure to check out the Wavestorm’s for $99 at Costco.  These boards measure at around 8ft in height and are excellent for the beginning surfer.  As you get better at surfing you will most likely want to get a shorter board.  So when you are learning that is why it is so important to do so on a longboard and then you will work your way to a shorter board little by little.  These boards are made out of a soft type foam so if one hits you they will not hurt as much as a fiberglass board.